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Hello and welcome to my website. This is dedicated to the collection and display of data collected using a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station located in my garden in Dawley near Telford.

above is the a live summary of the current conditions as reported by my weather station. Another live data page is available by clicking the live buttons which gives access to a live map and more information from my home station.

Please feel free to explore my site, I welcome any feedback and ask you to click on the contact button or leave a messaage on my guestmap by clicking the links to the page

I am also a hobby Genealogist researching my family history. An interesting hobby but needs some dedication, it is fascinating discovering new family members far and wide around the world. You can access my family tree website clicking the link (opens in new window) You can also find some links to genealogy information on my links page.

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